About Us

C4's Mission

C4’s mission is to promote individuality through quality belts that give back. C4 stands for Choose your Color, Choose your Cause. It is our goal to provide a unique shopping experience to individual thinkers who want to look cool on the outside, AND feel good on the inside.

C4 partners with several awesome charities each year who help the world in vastly different ways. Learn more about this years charities here. With each online purchase customer vote on how $1.00 of their purchase is given back! We tally the votes on a quarterly basis and donations are made based on your vote. At the end of the year--all votes are tallied and donations are made based on the distribution of votes.


C4 stands for


C4 is all about self-expression. C4 always wants to give you a choice in color, designs, and style. It's why all of our belts are interchangeable! So you can change out your buckles for the look that best fits you at that moment! Join us in celebrating self -expression!


With each C4 purchase, you choose what cause will receive $1.00 from each belt purchased. At the end of the day, C4 is an expression of you. Last year, with your help, we were able to donate over $20,000 to some amazing causes!

The C4 Story

C4 Belts debuts with this booth in 2011

The idea for C4 was born an apartment above the bustling streets of Shanghai, where in 2011, American friends set out to find adventure, new friends, new experiences. A few months in Shanghai’s busy markets and late-night clubs showed them that the only thing cramping their style was a severe lack of belt choices.

Their leather belts from the U.S. were no longer cutting it: they stretch out, the rain ruins them, and they remind people of Carl in Accounting. But the friends never had this problem with another accessory -their watches- despite the fact that watches had as boring of a history as belts. (Pocket watches ring a bell?) The world of watches had long since been revolutionized with the introduction of new colors, new styles, and new materials, such as the silicone used for watch bands. Why, then, hadn't a similar revolution taken the belt world by storm? They soon found the answer: the silicone material on watches can't take the high levels of tension around the belt buckle. So the friends kept searching.

Not long after, one of the friends' uncles with over 25 years experience in plastics suggested a belt made of the same rubbery plastic used on snowmobile tracks. It was the breakthrough they had been waiting for. After a few prototypes proved successful, the friends shut themselves away to cultivate their vision for a new world of belts, a world in which belts liberate rather than constrict. For months they talked, sketched, argued, erased, and poured all of their energy into C4. And when they finally threw open the doors, they unleashed a revolution in the belt industry, a revolution that gives the individual unlimited freedom to dress as they want while giving back to the world around them.

C4 debuted in 2011 with 20 belt colors and 20 buckle colors. Skip to five years later– C4 now offers hundreds of designs and soon will offer the ability for you to put your own custom design on our Classic C4 Belts. C4 is now based in Atlanta, GA, USA and employs more than 10 awesome people!