Be Good to People Houndstooth Skinny Belt

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The Be Good To People Foundation is a Colorado based non-profit with one thing on our mind: Create A Kinder World.  The Be Good To People Foundation supports and creates 
 human kindness-centered events such as 24 Hours of Kindness™ and Bright Friday™ and recognizes people who are Being Good to People all over the world.   

Be Good to People started Bright Friday three years ago to encourage people to focus on the true meaning of Thanksgiving - being with family and friends and being thankful for all that is Good in our lives and in the world. We think the holiday shopping can wait.   The idea is on Thanksgiving we are thankful for all of the gifts we have been given in life and on Bright Friday, we use those gifts to give back. We encourage friends, families and “framilies” to enjoy a delicious meal, then afterward get together to create some awesome acts of kindness for the next day.
  “On Thursday we give thanks, On Friday we give back.”
Like C4 Belts®,  Be Good to People® believes that business plays an important role in making this world a better place. 

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