Boone Pogue - "Blue Kaleidoscope" Classic Belt


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Belts are Cut-to-Size fit (up to 44" waist).

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Born into the artistic world like a stick of dynamite, Boone Pogue exploded in the entertainment industry with a single vision; to conceptualize, visualize and implement light programming and design for the world’s most innovative artists, covering every angle the human eye can see, and possibly some it can’t. Pogue’s unique style is rooted in being a perfectionist. There exists a necessity to align the creative vision of the artist with the live performance in every degree. Lighting design is the third arm of any performer in the live setting. Pogue works meticulously with artists from the initial concept to the end result of lighting live shows. Having years of experience touring with internationally acclaimed artists such as Logic and Tyler the Creator, Boone has solidified his name amongst the industry’s best and brightest light designers. In addition to live touring, Pogue has worked select shows for artists such as Lazy Americanz (J.U.S.T.I.C.E. L.E.A.G.U.E.), Paper Diamond, collaborative members of Big Gigantic and The Disco Biscuits, among many others.

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