C4 x DjLu Pineapple Grenade Classic Belt


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Belts are Cut-to-Size fit (up to 44" waist).

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Dj Lu / Juegasiempre is an architect and artist that has been developing street art since 2004, mainly through the use of stencil art and also aided by the implementation of other methods such as stickers, stamping, posters, mural painting, and accessories.

His Pictograms project is inspired by logotype language and is presented as a subversive way of advertising due to its insistent reproduction. Two elements, that would normally not be related, are hybridized through a graphic synthesis with the purpose of revealing its semiotic power and sending out codes that show the worrisome situations that make part of our daily lives.

Reviews of his work have been published in various books such as Nuevo Mundo: Latin American street art, Signs for a better world published by George Rivera and the University of Colorado, SecondSight, VNA Magazine, Platform 58, The Guardian, BBC, and in Colombian publications such as Credencial, Semana, El Tiempo, Go, Stylo DC, Exclama, Stickers Mestizo, 80 Grafitis, Cartel Urbano, Cover-Up, Mefistofeles and Fachada E-Zine. He's also featured in renowned urban art blogs, such as De Coin En Coin, Challenging Perceptions, Vandalog, The Dirty Verbs, Fat Cap, NuArt, Five Forever, Little Colombia Observasionist, Ficciorama, and Colombia de Una.

Be careful! They’re Hot!... out of the C4 Belts kitchen that is. Catch these new trendy prints before anyone else!

Features & Specs:

  • Cut-to-size: Each C4 belt is cut-to-size fit, giving you the freedom to perfectly tailor it to your waist. The classic belts come in one 50” length, which you can trim from there.
  • Waterproof: C4 Print Belts are completely water-resistant. Wear these anywhere you go and never worry about the elements ruining your belt.
  • Lifetime Guarantee: We stand by our products’ quality and will replace any problematic items. If you ever encounter an issue with your Print Belt item, contact us so that we can take care of it right away. Each C4 Print Belt strap is made of a super durable Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) plastic; the same material used in snowmobile tracks. C4 interchangeable buckles are made of a high-impact polycarbonate.
  • Interchangeable: Mix and match your favorite buckles for a custom look. All C4 classic and print belts are compatible with any classic buckle.
  • Metal-free: All C4 belts are made of metal-free TPE, making them travel-friendly and hypoallergenic.
  • Gives Back: Choose your cause at checkout to pick where a proceed of your purchase will go.
  • Cruelty-free: We do not test any C4 products on animals.
  • Earth-friendly: C4 belts and buckles are recyclable and should not be thrown away.
  • Dishwasher Safe: C4 belts are easy to clean. The belt strap can be washed in the top rack of your dishwasher, or hand-washed in the sink with light soap.
  • Size dimensions: 50” length x 1.38” height
Perfect Fit
Dishwasher Safe
Metal Free
Gives Back
Lifetime Guarantee

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