Lifetime Guarantee

C4 offers a life-time guarantee on all of its products. C4 Belts are made of the strongest plastics and meant to endure even the toughest circumstances. This means if your belt or buckle breaks down in any way through normal and/or active use C4 will replace it (see replacement policy below).

Replacement Policy

  • C4 will include a FREE additional belt or buckle with any belt or buckle replacement. (If one breaks, you get two free new ones).
  • Please note, because we give to charity, provide free shipping on orders over $40, a lifetime guarantee, a free buckle, and of course, many other expenses related to running our small business, there is a $6.00 shipping/handling fee (payable by paypal, credit card, or check.)
  • Additional charges may incur if the product being exchange is of greater value than the original product received (ex. print belts, chrome buckles.)
  • Very light, natural wear/fading may still occur over extended use in areas, with the most abrasion caused by pressure from buckle.

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