Team C4

We express ourselves through what we wear but also what we do. Team C4 is a worldwide group of individuals that believes in supporting the C4 mission of giving back. C4 belts are stylish and strong making them the perfect belt to wear while active– whether you’re riding horses or shredding waves!

We offer ambassador programs in several areas including: Climbing, Bike, Equestrian, Golf, Skate, Snow, and Wake. C4 ambassadors act as brand representatives and are chosen annually by a highly-selective process. To submit an application, click here.

Meet The Ambassador: Natalie Bennett

“I have been riding for 30 years. Born and raised in London, England and moved to the USA 20 years ago and currently live in Cape Cod, Massachusetts. I grew up showing in the jumper ring with my two horses and now I show dressage. I have two friesians that I show in levels from first through fourth. I am a British Horse Society Intermediate Instructor and have my USDF Bronze Medal, with hopes to earn my Silver Medal in 2017. I do not own a horse anymore but I show my clients horses. My special guy is Hank P, a 14 year old Friesian that will be debuting at 4th level next year. My most favorite accomplishment was bringing Hank P up the levels over the last few years, he was a tricky horse to ride and I earned his trust and we were USDF All Breed Champions 2015 at second level. We currently stand 4th for third level this year. I love C4 Belts because of the different and fun color...Read More

Featured Ambassadors

Genevieve Faith

Ian Smith

Liana Gavidia

Jake Berthelot

John Clewe

Ellie Leonard

Kaitlin Hartford

Amelia Sawalich

Leader Board: C4 Equestrian Ambassadors

Kaitlin Hartford C4 Ambassador

Kaitlin Hartford

69 Points
Mary Fleming C4 Ambassador

Mary Fleming

49 Points
Erin Kirkley C4 Ambassador

Erin Kirkley

38 Points
Genevieve Faith C4 Ambassador

Genevieve Faith

35.5 Points

Sponsored C4 Riders

Buck Davidson, Jr.

Top Ranked U.S. Eventing Athlete

Lauren Kieffer

2016 Summer Olympian

Sharon White

Four-star U.S. Rider

Hawley Bennett

2012 Canadian Olympian

Lainey Ashker

Four-star U.S. Rider

Jennifer McFall

Four-star U.S. Rider

Jess & Doug Payne

Four-star U.S. Riders

Justine Dutton

3* Eventer